Spinal Decay

Spinal decay can occur without obvious symptoms, just like tooth decay.

To avoid tooth decay we look after our teeth. We brush, we floss and we go to see the dentist for regular check-ups, all to make sure our teeth and gums stay healthy.

But for some strange reason with don’t tend to worry about spinal decay in the same way. Signs of wear and tear within the spine can go on silently just like a cavity in a tooth can develop before the pain starts to kick in.

The main “job” of the spine is to protect the spinal cord and all the nerves that travel from the brain, through the spinal cord, to communicate with and control every function of your body. When the spine is misaligned in any way, this can put pressure on your nervous system, which can affect your health in many ways. Many think this is just the effect of growing older. But just as tooth decay doesn't result from ageing, neither does spinal decay – it results from neglect and poor spinal hygiene.

Spinal decay is usually a culmination of the lifting, shifting, bumps and knocks of daily life – its is not normally one incident that causes the problem but rather an accumulation of everything you body has been through. Much like one toffee apple doesn't cause a cavity but rather years of stress on the teeth causing problems.

Initially, spinal decay results in a loss of proper spinal curves or a reduced ability to turn and bend. If left untreated, your body responds by depositing calcium onto the affected joint surfaces, ligaments and connective tissues, in an effort to “splint” the affected spinal joint. At this point, you may still have no noticeable symptoms; this allows the decay to continue.

Eventually, spinal decay can permanently damage the spine, causing neurological changes.

Regular chiropractic check-ups  just like regular dental exams, are designed to locate areas of the spine that are not functioning properly before they become major areas of concern. At our Grimsby Chiropractic clinic, we check your spine to determine where it may be compromised in some way.

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