Leaning Spine of Grimsby

Leaning Spine

The leaning tower of Pisa is a good example of what happens when the foundations of a building can’t support the construction above. The tower itself is about 56 metres tall, the foundations are tilting at 3.9 degrees, which displaces the top of the building from vertical by 4 metres. Such a small change in the foundations has a significant affect on the whole of the building.

So What?
So what has this got to do with Chiropractic? And why should you care? Well getting the foundations of your spine right are incredibly important too. In the office we have been experimenting to see the effects of sticking a wallet under the spine. Replicating the affect of sitting on a wallet when driving a car or even just sat at work.

Putting a wallet under the one side of the pelvis caused the spine to deviate by 20 degrees – 5 times the tilt that the leaning tower of Pisa is struggling with, the tower is displaced by 4 metres so imagine the stresses that your spine is under to compensate for a 20 degree tilt.

Healthy Spine
Being a Chiropractor I want everyone on the planet to have a healthy spine – the day that happens my job is done! I'm always looking for ways to try and prevent problems from happening. So when I see people sitting awkwardly on top of a wallet you can imagine my stress levels rising. We only get one spine; there are no replacement parts for a spine, no spinal transplants, if we can avoid putting more stress through our spine than we have to the longer it will last.

At Chiropractic First our mission is to make sure all our patients spines work at their full potential, but also the rest of their body is performing at its peak. If you have any issues your not happy with, why not give us a call on 01472 488082. We might be able to help. 


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