Eating Well

we are what we eat

Our body is immensely complex, with millions of chemical reactions occurring all over the body, every second of every day and all happening without us having to give a single thought to controlling or regulating any of it. 

Although this is amazing, the body has some simple requirements to keep it healthy. The food we eat is one of these, We have all heard the saying “we are what we eat”. The things we eat are the fuel that keeps us going throughout the day. But also its the stuff we are made of, the food we eat becomes our muscles, our bones, our heart and our lungs.

Do you remember the story of the three little pigs? Their houses were made of straw, sticks and bricks. If you make a house out of strong materials, you can make a house that can withstand lots of stress and strains. Make a house out of poor materials and it is likely to be blown away.

three little pigs

The human body is no different, if our body is missing the vital ingredients it needs to function then we are more likely to suffer with the stress and strains of life.

So what do we eat? Well that's not exactly rocket science - deep down I think we all know that a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps are not going to be the perfect fuel for our body. Our body has evolved over millions of years to eat certain foods - fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries and meats. What we haven't evolved to deal with is processed foods and things with a barcode!!

At Chiropractic First we are keen to make you the healthy person you can be, if you need more information then please contact us and we will help you achieve your health goals.

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